Nuvio and Finekra Announce Strategic Partnership: A New Era in Financial Management Begins

Nuvio World
Ali İlhami Öztan
November 27, 2023

Nuvio, a provider of financial tracking and analytics platforms for SMEs and startups, has signed a strategic partnership with Finekra to integrate the bank accounts of its users in Turkey into a single platform. This collaboration reflects the innovative and comprehensive financial management vision of both companies.

This partnership combines Nuvio's vision of providing simplicity and accessibility in financial management for small businesses and startups with Finekra's mission to simplify financial processes. With the coming together of the two companies, users will now be able to manage their financial data more effectively and take more informed steps in their decision-making processes.

Nuvio and Finekra aim to lead a new era in the business world by enhancing the financial management capacities of SMEs and startups in Turkey with this collaboration. Both companies aspire to make a difference in the industry with financial management solutions supported by technological innovations.

Ali İlhami Öztan, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Nuvio, said about the partnership:

"At Nuvio, we have realized this important partnership with Finekra to constantly monitor and improve our customers' financial health. Thanks to Finekra's open banking platform, our users will be able to automatically track all bank account movements through our Nuvio platform, see a summary of account balances, monitor cash flows, and match bank transactions with income and expenses. This collaboration will increase efficiency and transparency in financial management."

Erhan Zengin, CEO of Finekra, stated:

"At Finekra, we offer solutions that automate and simplify financial processes. Our partnership with Nuvio is an important step in supporting this purpose. This integration, which will enable users to easily manage their financial transactions, will also help us reach a wider audience."

This strategic partnership will enable Nuvio users to gain deeper control and analysis over their financial data and, using Finekra's technological infrastructure, will start a new era in understanding and managing financial data.

Ali İlhami Öztan

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