What’s New in 2: April 2023

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Ali İlhami Öztan
April 30, 2023

Hello there 👋 I am Ali, the Head of Product at Nuvio, and today I am thrilled to share our latest enhancements. At Nuvio, our Product Development and Design team aims to provide a platform that exceeds global standards for managing financial health and data for all businesses. As with every month, we continue to build upon our innovations. Let’s dive in!

🚀 Successfully Concluded Nuvio Private Beta Phase

Over the past three months, we initiated private beta tests of our product with early users who were keen to test our product with us. The feedback we received helped us make numerous bug fixes and improvements, and now our product is accessible to everyone. A huge thank you to all our users who stood by us during the closed beta tests 🎉. We value user feedback as we venture towards our vision of managing all company finances from a single point. At any moment, you can quickly report any issues or enhancement requests by clicking the support button in the menu without leaving our product.

📊 Customize Graphs to Suit Your Company Needs

Your Company Dashboard is now customizable! By clicking the "Edit Dashboard" button from your Dashboard page, you can access all the graphs and reports we have prepared for you, add or remove them in your desired format, and arrange the order and size of your graphs on the screen according to your preference. This pioneering feature in the industry makes Nuvio fully customizable to your company, shaping it the way you want.

🏦 Adding and Editing Taxes

Now in Nuvio, apart from the default taxes added when your account is created, you can add any tax to the system and edit added taxes. Under the Company menu, you can access Taxes and arrange all your taxes as you wish. Moreover, you can define taxes affecting the base of other taxes coming after them as compound taxes with a single click.

🎯 Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixed the "empty invoice addition" issue that occurred when the invoice number was copied from another source while entering Revenue and Expense.
  • Corrected the currency conversion error that occurred when reflecting invoices entered with a different currency in graphs and reports.
  • Arranged the dropdown menus alphabetically while adding revenue and expense, such as customers, suppliers, products, and so on.
Ali İlhami Öztan

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