What’s New in 2: May 2023

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Ali İlhami Öztan
May 31, 2023

Hello 👋 I am Ali, the Head of Product at Nuvio, and today I'm here to share our latest updates. Our aim with the Product Development and Design team is to offer a platform that stands above global standards for managing financial health and data for all firms. Like every month, we're adding more to our innovations this month too. Let’s get started!

📂 Bulk Import Your Income and Expenses

We’ve heard from users transitioning to Nuvio from other products, or those who have been keeping all their revenues and expenses in Excel sheets! Now, you can easily bulk import your revenues and expenses using our provided Excel template. All you need to do is click the Import button at the top right on the Income and Expenses page, download our template, fill it out with your data, and upload it back to the system. Your predefined product, service, customer, supplier, project, and tax information will be automatically matched by Nuvio, no need to manually match them!

⚡ Quickly Add/Select Customers / Suppliers / Products

While creating a new invoice, our users loved the option to add new items during the invoice creation process from dropdown menus like customer, supplier, product, project, etc. We’re enhancing this experience! Now, when you add a new item using quick add option, the item you add will be automatically selected as soon as you save it in the popup window, speeding up the invoice creation process with a single click.

🆘 Create Support Requests Without Leaving Nuvio

Things don’t always go as planned 😥 Now you can reach us for any issues or feature requests during your Nuvio experience without leaving the application. Just click on the Help button you’ll see in the Nuvio menu at the bottom left, fill out the information regarding your request, and hit send. Remember, Nuvio evolves with your feedback!

🎯 Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • The Invoice Due Date and Payment Date could be selected incorrectly as before the Invoice Date. We’ve now rectified this issue.
Ali İlhami Öztan

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